Thursday, July 30, 2009

Catching Up!

Well, here I am! I apologise for the lack of blog over the past month. Although I have been very busy, there just didn't seem to be a great deal to write about. We have had some incredibly hot weather, which I'm struggling to come to terms with, and I have spent a lot of time mowing those weeds and/or trying to figure out how to get the tractor running again when it decides to quit on me.

There has also been a really nice development in my life recently. I have met a great guy, called Mark, and we have hit it off really well. This blog isn't meant to be about my personal life, but I wanted to share this very important change.

This week Linda and her friend Linda (yes, you read that right) have been staying with us for a week at Springvalley Farm. We have been having a fabulous time riding and playing with horses. They have also been working and between this and all the work Mark and I have done over the past few weeks, the place is really shaping up. I will post another entry here with the full story on their stay in the next day or so.