Thursday, July 30, 2009

Catching Up!

Well, here I am! I apologise for the lack of blog over the past month. Although I have been very busy, there just didn't seem to be a great deal to write about. We have had some incredibly hot weather, which I'm struggling to come to terms with, and I have spent a lot of time mowing those weeds and/or trying to figure out how to get the tractor running again when it decides to quit on me.

There has also been a really nice development in my life recently. I have met a great guy, called Mark, and we have hit it off really well. This blog isn't meant to be about my personal life, but I wanted to share this very important change.

This week Linda and her friend Linda (yes, you read that right) have been staying with us for a week at Springvalley Farm. We have been having a fabulous time riding and playing with horses. They have also been working and between this and all the work Mark and I have done over the past few weeks, the place is really shaping up. I will post another entry here with the full story on their stay in the next day or so.


  1. Hi Everyone: Spread the word, this is a really great place to play, share, grow in all four savvys while contributing to the Farms' development. I have already been focusing on transitions on line and freestyle in previous months at the Farm. For the first time in my life I am actually interested in exercising to improve my core strength, balance and stamina. With that in mind my first goal is to bring the herd in off the tract each morning. The first morning I brought my horse, the second I brought two horses, and today I brought in the herd (of four). I thought I had a plan, the Fells showed me I had less than half a plan for two days. The stamina comes from walking across to the back of the track, then walking them back around the whole track.

    My highlights include riding with carrot stick each day, riding with the bareback pad and stick for the first time and accomplishing walk, trot, canter transitions as well! Today, I audited Linda G. session with Kris on pre-trailer preparation puzzles.
    So when we both went to practice with trailers, I ended with sending Ducky into the trailer while sitting in a chair from the end of his 22 foot line. What fun.
    And the exercises: trying to stand up on a barrel while it is on its side. Kris and LInda made it, I didnt quite make it yet!
    Tomorrow is another day. Going to try out the new round pen we made that extends off of the small arena with obstacles. Linda R.

  2. Hurray you're back !!
    Great to hear about the developments too. Ain't life grand ?

  3. It has been a couple of months since I have been at Kris's. I really enjoyed myself, It was nice to get away from all the stress in life and be able to spend time with my friends and play with our horses. We rode the track! I enjoyed watching Linda she was riding with a bareback pad and carrot stick at a walk and trot. . Every time I turned around Linda would have a leg cocked,or sitting on the edge of life to get her balance point. We played games sitting on barrels and standing up, we would stand on our barrels till everyone was standing, needless to say it was only Sarah and I.
    We built a round pen and a play ground, with
    weaves, jumps, figure 8,and pedestals. Unfortunate I was not able to play, due to leaving the following day. Kris's place reminds me of "Litte House On The Prairie".
    Kris I am waitng for those pictures!

  4. Hiya Kris,

    sent you an email the other day...are you okay. Hope you are just busy or enjoying yourself but miss your mailings ;-) get back to me asap to stop me worrying about you out there!
    Shelley xxxx