Monday, October 26, 2009


Down the Drive
(Sorry about the awful hat!)
That's right! We've finally done it. Yesterday we got the track fully open. It's that simple really and there's not much to write, except that I am sooooo happy that it's done. Not just in the sense of not having to work on it, but happy for the horses, that they will now be able to go all the way around without finding a dead end. Of course there are many improvements that I want to make, and with so much fencing, constant checking and upkeep is required.

Linda with Dakota and Hunter
So yesterday Linda and I took the four of the down the drive and showed them that they could now get through to go along the front going east. Of course, they didn't really know why we were taking them that way in the middle of the afternoon, but they were pretty impressed with the amount of grass they found along the way. Then we walked them up the east side where all the brush and dead trees are. (This area is wide, as further up I want to create a second playground to take advantage of a bit of a bank that has some landscaping potential for drop jumps, etc.) Then the track narrows and continues to follow the old county road along the east side of the property. It was along here that the track has had to be blocked for so long to deny them access to the problem area from the northeast.

Turning the Corner into New Territory

Taking a Break to Check Things Out

Fells Checking the Grass Quality

Hunter Leads the Way
Hunter did a great job of being an enthusiastic four year old and led most of the way. He was the only one we didn't have on line, as I felt he would just get us all tangled and I knew he would come with the group. At one point he took off, a little excited and right-brained and so I lost Bruce and Iona. Predictably, the all stopped and grazed soon and order was restored.

Here We Go...

"I Now Declare this Track Open"
Once we got them unhaltered, we headed in for a celebratory dinner for everybody that has helped with this massive project over the past year. Linda, Sara, JR (Sorry you couldn't make it, Buddy! Hope you enjoyed the food I sent home with Sara.), Mark's boys Justin and Clay, and of course Mark.

I wondered where I would find the horses this morning. Maybe down on the new part of the track where there is lots of grass. But they were in their usual place in this month's grazing cell, which we are still only opening at night. They came in and ate their breakfast, and so far I haven't seen them using any new areas. I suspect they may need a little time and encouragement to break old habits. I'm sure the grass will help. I will keep you posted on developments.

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  1. Great piccie's Kris and might I say in the last one you look very happy and slimmer ;-) all that work making you loose weight or is it the food out there! lol. Shelley xx