Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Comments, Reactions, Labels .... and a Weather Report

Hello! Anybody out there? October and November  featured some of the best weather for doing things with horses that we have had all year. Lot's of days in the 50s, 60s and 70sF and our endless blue skies. It's been great, and if you are considering a visit next year, late autumn might be worth considering. (Of course, I hope you will come sooner than that!) 

Now we are having a really cold spell. Mark got up this morning to almost frozen pipes. Oops! And that was with both of us getting up at different times to add wood to the woodstove. No wonder, it got down to about -10F last night! I'll be getting the no freeze heaters out today! By the weekend it's supposed to be sunny and in the 40s again, so I'm looking forward to getting back out there for playtime, and then I'll have more to tell you.

(Hey, by the way. for those of you who think in Celsius, I have added a temperature convertor to the sidebar.)

Comments and Reactions
I know that I'm a lucky blogger to have 19 followers, but sometimes I wonder if any of you are still with me. I love to read everybody's comments, but if you are too shy, or too busy, I have added those little reaction boxes to the end of my posts. Feel free to tick a box or two when you've read something. Then I will know somebody has been there.

I also added a Labels list on the sidebar, so if you are interested in a certain aspect of my blog, like the track system, or trailer loading, or like to read about a particular horse, you can easily find all the posts relating to that. Hope you find this helpful,


  1. Hi Kris,

    I'm here ;-) It's been really really cold here too, but nowhere near -10 (I think). How's the horses doing, have the started getting all fuzzy like bears for Winter. Is Hunter getting a long coat or are you going to have to rug him? Shells xxxx

  2. Hunter is wooly and gaining weight!! I don't really think they are suffering much with the cold because it is dry.

    Come on, use that temp. convertor! -10F/-23C
    However, I have since heard that it was minus 14F !! I'll have a look at your homework tomorrow :-)

  3. lol. I had SO much trouble as a kid learning old and new conversions, you name it I have trouble with, measurements, weights etc. I was just learning old style measurements/money in 1972 when the UK changed everything and all the feet and inches I was learning was changed to cm, metres and then kilograms etc. No one told me that it was a change, I thought everyone had to do both and I got totally confused and introverted and learnt neither! way to go! lol.

    Homework!! eek, I'm bunking off school tomorrow! lol ;-))

  4. Hi Kris,

    I'm here also but haven't posted for quite some time. It's a terrible excuse but I've been crazy, work, playing with horses (4), attending Parelli workshops, playdays, camping trips, studying Parelli materials so I can "get it right the first time" with my horses rather than having to "do it over, and over, and over...!!!"

    When I finally graduate university, I'm hoping to reward myself with a road trip to Colorado and a course at the ISC. I'll have to stop by and see you!! Something else to look forward to!!!!