Monday, January 11, 2010

Upcoming Events!

Well, Petra and I have been cooking up a little plan, and we're serving it up on the 31st. We really want to increase local interest in Parelli, so we have set up a day for interested people to come along and meet PNH students, see some demos outdoors and then we'll bring them indoors for an informal chat, snacks, and DVD watching. We'll probably watch Get Started.


I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time, so I'm very excited. Hopefully we will manage to attract more local people, as that will make it so much easier to fill clinics and lessons. Petra is planning to set up a series of group lessons here at a great price, so hopefully we will get enough people signed up for that to be successful. Petra's website is here . You can read more about her and also see the wonderful flyer she made for our event.

We just started promoting this yesterday, and I already had a call this morning from someone who lives about 30 minutes from here who wants to come and bring a few friends. I'm sure we will have a great day!


More excitement: I have just heard from 2* instructor Jerry Williams, and he has agreed to come here on the 7th, 8th and 9th of May to teach clinics. I think Jerry is such a great instructor, so I am really looking forward to being able to bask in all that Savvy. I had the chance to watch Jerry teach in 2008, and his great attitude and communication skills stuck in my mind. I am so pleased to be able to host him.


Jerry also has a blog, where her writes inspirational posts aimed at Parelli students. His latest about raising your expectations, is a real gem. Here's the link Raise Your Expectations


  1. hey Kris,
    remember when we used to have the level 1 support days here, and all the other stuff we did for newbies - well, I reckon that was all 'practice in the proper position' for your new life purpose. Your day will be PERFECT, and just the way it should be for everyone.

    Elle's carrying on with the sharing here - I arrived back from Texas on the 2nd to find a living room full of newbies watching some of the new level 1/2 dvds. Great way to focus on the promise of a New Year and plan for the months ahead.

  2. Sue - I'm sure it WILL be perfect, and go exactly as it's meant to. The scariest part for me is being part of the "demo team" with Iona. Wierd, huh?


  3. Have a blast with your first demo Kris. Just totally focus and emerse yourself on your play and the crowd will dissapear in your thoughts, you'll be great ;-)

  4. Hi Shells -
    I've been thinking about what the ingredients of a good demo are. In my opinion it's probably - putting the horse's dignity first, playing in a flow, and showing one or two "cool" things that you and your horse are confident with.

    As you know, I have a lot of experinece in front of crowds, just not in front of crowds with horses, and now that I have this formula in mind I think it will be easier to get the butteflies to fly in formation, as Pat says.

    Any thoughts?