Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Looking Back at Petra's Lesson Series

The graduating class! Congratulations, everybody!
Gail, Sara C, Denise, Petra, Sara W, Jacque and Kathy

Petra's lesson series ended on Sunday with a great playday. I have not been writing reports as we went along. For some strange reason, I always seem to be tired after a lesson Sunday. So I thought I would write a little report now, and mostly let the photos tell the story.

The first lesson day was in February and it was c-c-c-cold! Petra sensibly decided to break everyone in easy with a horseless day of classroom work and learning games indoors, and just a few quick simulations outside for as long as people could cope! It really set the following weeks up for success. 

The following weeks saw things gradually warm up, and everyone made clear progress toward their goals, having a lot of fun in the process.

By week four everybody was looking great, and so was the weather! We all enjoyed that magical combination of increasing Savvy and wearing less layers! For me it was a really special day, seeing everyone playing so successfully. It's been an amazing journey to get Springvalley Farm to this point, and I admit that I'm feeling quite pleased to have achieved this in just a year!  

I had some pretty nice icing on my cake that particular Sunday, too, as we had severel extra visitors. Linda and her dad, Barney came with their horses for the afternoon play session, and we had 2* instructor Kime Conkright and her dad Ray, visiting for the weekend, too. I have known Ray through some Parelli forums like Parellinaturally for many years, but it's only recently that we got to meet in person. Plus, another friend whom I had only met through her writing about Fell ponies, also mostly through the internet, visited us for a little while on Sunday. Her name is Jenifer Morrissey. She is also a Parelli student, but I admit that she and her husband Don, and I mostly talked Fells for a couple of happy hours. I'm really pleased that they have decided to visit us again during the Jerry Williams clinic next week, and Jenifer is bringing her mare, Lily.  

 The pot luck lunches were a lot of fun, too!
The weekends brought a few other nice milestones, too. Mark made his first "public appearance" with Hunter, and Sara began riding Sis at home, recently. Luckily, Denise was there to snap a photo! The planets must have been in alignment, as the very same day, I finally got on Hunter and had a litte ride. Unfortunately, no photos, though.

And on the subject of photos, I would like to say thanks to Denise whose photographic skills are better than mine. She is now taking the majority of the photos on this blog. As a consequence, there are not so many photos of the "Get Started" class, because Denise had her hands rather busy during that one! I do apologise to the members of that group for leaving them out a little!

Here are some photos from our final playday on Sunday. Not only did we have a blast, but Petra helped Sara and Kathy film their L2 On Line auditions, and Denise her L1 audition! Watch this space for links to their YouTube videos, and announcements of their passes, of course!
 It's Linda and Ducky!

 Mark with Sara's daughter Summer

Barney and Scooter 

Me and Iona 

Denise and Dakota 

Sara and Sis 

Mark and Hunter 

My carrot stick experiment 

Who is that cowboy? 

Petra with her camera 

Lunchtime in the pens 

Kathy and Sierra

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