Thursday, May 28, 2009

1 rein fun

I seem to be doing a lot of walking these days. I am hoping to eventually teach the ponies to come when I whistle and get their morning bucket feed. The grass is way to interesting, though, so that's not very dependable. If I walk out to them, then they are happy to walk back to the yard with me, at least. Coming back, we go along the track, which can be a bit of a hike, but I want to train them to come in when I whistle, and I know that if I brought them a shorter way in by opening gates and things, it would probably just train them to go and stand by the nearest gate. Happily a lot of mornings they are waiting for me near the house!

Sara came over today, and we rode a bit in the arena. I had offered her Iona to ride for practising her one rein riding, as Iona seems to actually enjoy having people learn about Parelli riding on her. Sara's horse, Sis, is still a bit green and she recently found a few holes in her foundation that she needs to fix before they ride again.

Sara and Iona did great, and I rode Bruce. We did great, too, which pleased me no end, as he is not always very thrilled about schooling work in an arena. Toward the start of the session he did some great follow the rail. That has always been incredibly hard for him to accept, and I think today was by far the best we have ever done that together. A couple of times I jumped off and took him over to the pedestal to stand on it, which he loves, as a reward. One rein riding is sooo much fun!

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