Saturday, May 2, 2009

My place from space

Thought you might enjoy seeing a satellite view of my place. I made this little map for the Paddock Paradise website that I mentioned in a previous post. No doubt the picture will come out smaller here than it did there, but it will give an idea of my layout.

The red line around the outside shows the perimeter and driveway/yard fence. The white line is the track fence. As you can see, there is already a track for car/tractor access to the old arable fields, which runs most of the way around the property. The fields themselves are less evident from the ground than they appear in the photo. I think this photo is a couple of years old, and the land has been pretty heavily grazed in the meantime. The width of the track is not to scale. Each side of the property is about 1/2 mile in length. The track is about 25' wide, except on the east side, where it is much wider (see E).

A - These are the temporary grazing cells which I make with step in posts. There is at least one permanent gate onto the track for each proposed cell. There are so many gates, including a number to accomodate roads and access to the farmyard, that I haven't bothered to show them.
B - Loafing shed spur on the track.
C. - Temporary safety fence, to keep horses out of tree area, where the perimeter fence needs repairs and wire and downed trees need to be hauled out.
D - Farmyard. House, barns and sheds, a small arena.
E - There is an old ditch access road along the east side, which is built up several feet above the height of the rest of the land. I widened the track along this section so that I can use this bank as a play obstacle.
F - This marks the line of a small ditch and a car track which follows it.
G - Two other car tracks which don't show up on the photo.
H - A large irrigation ditch. It actually runs the length of the North, West and South edges of the property, but I have only shown the section that comes inside the fence. The North and West sections, where they run outside the fence, are still in use for irrigation by my neighbor, who has managed to retain his water rights.

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