Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great Website I Found

Over the weekend I was doing a little surfing and found this great website about grazing tracks. It's got a number of contributions by real people who have built grazing tracks on all sorts of properties. I am pretty passionate about this, as you have probably noticed, so I decided to join and get involved over there. I have started a page there, and have put up a satellite photo of Springvalley with the track and some of the features mapped out.

Track Developments
Well, it was interesting to see a change of attitude when I called them for their feed yesterday. After being shut out of their grazing cell through the day, they came with quite a bit of enthusiasm. I even saw them eating some (but not all) of the hay that was on the track in nets.

So I will continue to have them just on the track during the day and open the grazing cell in the evenings. However, I will also try feeding the buckets in the morning now. I would rather give them something to encourage them to come onto the track, than just herd them out of their cell and say "too bad"! Perhaps we can arrive at a routine where they will come for the feed. But as long as I have to herd them, at least they are getting something good for coming along. I'll let you know how that works out.

Yesterday I worked on the track fence. I got another section done, but decided not to open it up, as it's at the top (north) end, and by the time I'd finished it I was wanting them to come down for their buckets. I will probably open it up for them tomorrow. I am appalled by the amount of bindweed that is showing up there. I will have to fence them out of some of that. So today I was reading up on the bindweed gall mite, which will supposedly help to get rid of it over time.

Most of today was taken up with hauling cow chips out of what will be my little riding arena, and with raking glass and metal and old weeds out of the small yard where JR fixed the shed, which will be for new or visiting horses.

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