Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Joy of Fencing

Today was pretty exciting, as my fences finally began to take shape. Hooray!! By the end of tomorrow I should have the ponies fenced out of the dangerous stuff around the house and barns. Then I can let them out of their small paddock to graze for awhile every day. And I should think that within a week I will have most of my track system up and running. Then hopefully they will be eating less hay, and also I will be able to water them without hauling it in the truck. Boy, that's gonna transform my life!

The big posts have been steadily going in for the past week or so, and I've been surveying lines and putting insulators on the existing perimeter fence, ready to hot wire that.

I have been reluctant to take one pony out of the little paddock to ride or play, because I felt it was pretty unfair to the other, so horsemanship has been seriously curtailed. I've really had to tell myself that the end justifies the means and just push on with fencing, fencing, fencing. Fortunately I do enjoy fencing, so that helps.

Actually I have learned a lot from watching my friend JR, who's been helping me, and I will probably be even more self sufficient with it in future. As of yesterday I am no longer a T post virgin! I can't say driving them is my favourite line of work. However, I did quite a few, and the thought of doing a few now and then is fine. JR was a wonder. He was puttin' them in as fast as I could put the insulators on.

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