Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is actually Wednesday's post, but I had some technical problems, so it's late...

This morning started off with a strange pickup coming up the drive. Fortunately the palaver of opening and shutting the gate, etc. gave me time to pull on some jeans instead of the pyjamas I was still lounging in!

Couple of nice cowboys got out. Said they'd lost a couple of black calves, and the guy the were working with thought they had jumped my fence and were behind my barns somewhere. I had just been watching Bruce and Iona relaxing, and so I was pretty sure there was no stray stock around, as Iona would have been headed straight for it to have a look. However, we went to see. No calves. Oh, well.

They were admiring Bruce and Iona. Kept saying how pretty they were. "Are they Morgans?" the younger guy asked. I managed to keep a straight face. Explained briefly that they were Fell Ponies. Nice guys, told me where they lived, gave me their card, said get in touch if I ever needed anything (like for them to come get their lost calves??). The card said welding, fencing and excavating (nothing about cattle, everybody's got cattle, don't they?). Excavating, eh? Now that might come in handy when I want to build a big landscaped cross country type obstacle or two.

Later I went up and had a look at the north fence. It's in that interesting state of kind of leaning over, but the posts don't actually feel loose. It hasn't worried me. Now I see that it's a bit of a loitering area for delinquent cattle when they are in that field (they had just put them in this morning). It would be very easy to pop a hot wire along it, so I probably should. Cheaper than a new section of fence.

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  1. Gosh Kris, things are so different there, or maybe you're more trusting than me. Even up here I don't tell anyone anything about our horses because I think everyone could be a potential horse thief! ;-) Paranoid or what! lol. I hope your 'cowboys' turn out to be real nice and helpful. Good to have nice neighbours ;-)