Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's Going On at Springvalley Farm?

My new home is located near Manzanola, Colorado. It consists of 160 acres of dryland pasture, a 2 bedroom house and several outbuildings. I moved in about six weeks ago.

I seem to be dividing my time between trying to be the farmer (working on fencing, feeding the horses, going to the lumberyard, etc.) and trying to be the farmer's wife (hanging curtains, cooking and cleaning, doing the shopping). The trouble is, there's only one of me! I'd love to tell you "Never mind, I always get it done somehow," but it'd be more truthful to say that I get most of the high priority stuff done most of the time.

I have two Fell Ponies, Bruce and Iona. Fells are a breed from Cumbria in northwest England. The ponies are a big part of my life, and a big part of the reason I decided to buy this place, as I really wanted to integrate them into my life in a way that had never been possible when I kept them on other people's land.

As a student of Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship I very much want to share Springvalley with other students. I hope that this place will become a haven for people who would like to spend some time working on their Parelli skills in a spacious, friendly and supportive environment.

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