Thursday, April 16, 2009

A whinny in the dark!!

Oh no! As I was sitting here trying to figure out how to sort out the problems I was having with Blogger's hard return/paragraph system, I heard a couple of fairly desperate whinnys out there in the windy dark. Very unusual for my guys.

So I got off the sofa and pulled on my boots, found the flashlight, headed in the direction of the last yell. Why do the film scripts go through my head at times like this? You know - Lassie/Champion the Wonderhorse/Skippy the Bush Kangaroo come running to tell the star of the show that their help is needed urgently.

It was Bruce. "I can't find Iona!" I whistle a couple of times and Bruce joins in with his girlie soprano. I hear either an answer or an echo, can't be sure. We repeat this a few times and she turns up and they head off together. What was I saying earlier about Bruce and fence mazes?

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